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About the Lisu language

Lisu, also known as Chedi, Cheli, Chung, Khae, Leisu, Leshuoopa, Lesuo, Li, Li-Hsaw, Li-Shaw, Lip’a, Lisaw, Lishu, Liso, Lissu, Loisu, Lu-Tzu, Lusu, Yao Yen, Yaw Yin, Yaw-Yen, Yeh-Jen is a language of China.

It has over 600,000 users in the Sichuan province: southwest Liangshan prefecture; Yunnan province: 11 prefectures, 63 counties, upper reaches of Mekong and Salween rivers.

Dialects include: Bai Lisu (White Lisu), Dechang Lisu, Hei Lisu (Black Lisu), Hua Lisu (Flowery Lisu), Lu Shi Lisu, Ninglang Lisu, Northern Lisu, Nujiang Lisu, Shibacha Lisu, Western Lisu. Much dialectal variation; some do not understand each other.

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